Hydrafinil Powder

by ZA Nootropics
R 209.00

Hydrafinl is an analogue of Modafinil, designed to be potent and fast-acting, Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) assists subjects with increased productivity.

Hydrafinil contains similar mechanisms to Modafinil but with a higher potency and shorter duration. Combining eugeroic and dopaminergic effects, this nootropic agent has been shown to reduce fatigue while also stimulating the brain to promote motivation and wakefulness.

This nootropic agent has been observed to prevent over-stimulation of the body, reducing the risk of anxiety, muscle twitches, and general restlessness. Overall, this nootropic is designed to increase production and concentration.

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    Kally M.

    Nothing but amazing and wonderful

    What I love about your product is the long term effects and how granular the go to the root or source of the problem. They compliment my intermittent fasting and keto lifestyle by helping me balance my energy levels and hormones. The MCToil also just compliments everything I have bought so far. Oh ps - Please change your packaging its not conducive, its constantly spilling the powder. The Mucuna prueriens powder was spilled all over when it was delivered and the container was the issue. I tried calling but noone picked up. Please hire a good customer service person to assist you to look after the basic operations from end to end. Thanks

    Mariska V.

    Couldnt ask for better!

    Quick service, fantastic product!

    Delano E.

    Works like a dream...

    So many people cliam Hydrafinil has no effect. Perhaps I'm just luck, but it works very well with me. I can compare it 100% to Modafinil. The bonus however is that has a shorter half-life and starts to work much faster than Mod. Needless to say Hydrafinil is way easier to obtain as well. Beautiful container and superb quality. Keep it up guys.

    Clarinda w.

    Makes me tired

    This stuff makes me tired, but then, so does ritilin ... racetams however are epic

    Ruben R.

    I've been taking 120-130 micrograms

    I've been taking 120-130 micrograms every day since I bought the hydrafinil, I get my work done while smiling. Excellent product as well as excellent service. ZA Nootropics is top. :fire: