Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

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Molecular Hydrogen Tablets are a simple and effective method of introducing a high concentration of free hydrogen into regular drinking water.

Molecular hydrogen is the smallest known bio-available molecule in the universe of which approximately 90% of living matter is comprised of. The benefits behind molecular hydrogen come from its powerful antioxidant effects, this is achieved via its ability of the molecules to help neutralize oxygen free radicals that ultimately contribute to disease development, inflammation, and aging. 


  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Neuroprotective 
  • Increases VO2 max
  • Improves Performance & Recovery


  • Simply add an H2 tablet to 300-500ml of water
  • Wait ±3 minutes and drink


  • Concentrations of up to 9ppm in 500ml water
  • Active H2 does not change the flavor or texture of the water, so it can be used in flavored beverages, as well.
  • The tablets are so effective, they even work in an open glass of water!

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